Sea block
Quatro Ilhas e Praia da Ferrugem Residence
Avenida Nereu Ramos - Quadra do Mar
Be enchanted by all the beauty and exclusivity of this new concept and come and live unforgettable moments!

Inspired by those who enjoy life close to the sea, the Quatro Ilhas and Praia da Ferrugem developments harmoniously combine elegance, comfort and leisure. A few meters from the beach, the apartments are spacious and the leisure area has a complete structure, with several options for the whole family.


  • 2 Apartment towers
  • Block 4 - Praia da Ferrugem
  • Block 5 - Four Islands
  • 3 Apartments per floor
  • 2 Lifts
  • Entrance hall furnished and decorated
  • Beach Box
  • Fully pelletized outer sheath
  • Service entrance and bathers


Real Estate Development nº R-2-29349

Delivery Forecast - Block Four Islands: Year / 2021

Delivery Forecast - Praia da Ferrugem Block: Year / 2022


  • Apartments with 3 suites
  • Balcony with barbecue
  • Living with toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Service area
  • 2 parking spaces
Recreation Area
  • Swimming pools for adults, children and reflecting pools
  • Wet deck
  • 2 Party rooms
  • Academy
  • Playroom
  • Game room
  • Massage room
  • Sauna 
  • Playground
  • Pilates


building documents of realty
Location of Enterprise
Avenida Nereu Ramos, esquina com a Rua 147, 000, Centro, Itapema - SC