Meia Praia
Azzure Residence
316 Street - corner with Av. Nereu Ramos
New launch of a series of projects that bear the mark of the construction company of high standard, quality and sophistication in every detail!

Azzure Residence is located in a strategic area, in full development of the city. The development is located a few meters from the sea and stands out for its versatility. It is in front of the main avenue of Itapema, ensuring practicality in the mobility of its residents.

  • 1 Tower
  • 21 Floors
  • Approximately 583m² of leisure area
  • 2 apartments per floor
  • Commercial rooms on the ground floor
  • 2 elevator
  • Security guardhouse 
  • Bather entrance with shower, toilet and beach shower


Real Estate Development n° 57564

Delivery Forecast: Year / 2021

  • Type 1 apartments: It has 2 suites and 2 demi - 148,32m² of  approximate private area and 3 parking spaces  
  • Apartments os Type 02: It has 3 suites - 116,76m² of approximate private area and 2 parking spaces 
  • Living, kitchen, toilet
  • Gourmet space


Recreation Area

Approximately 583m² of leisure area!

  • 2 Elevator 
  • Furnished and decorated social areas
  • Deck with adult and children's pools
  • Water mirror
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Game room
  • Academy
  • Playroom
  • Playground
  • Toilet
  • PNE Toilet 
building documents of realty
Location of Enterprise
Rua 136 , 15, Meia Praia, Itapema - SC