Differentiated by the quality of the developments, Construtora Pasqualotto is a reference in terms of finish, style and seriousness in business. The company has 27 years of experience in the civil construction market and has delivered more than 45 towers and 275,000 m² of built space. Since its inception on the coast of Santa Catarina, in 1993, more than 900 apartments welcomed its residents and became known for having among its clients some famous people from the sports and artistic world.  


A major milestone for the company was the construction of the condominium Portal do Sol, in 2002, with neoclassical style. This venture set new architectural standards and ways of building. In 2015 Atlantic Paradise Towers was delivered, an imposing beachfront condominium that combines nature, comfort and leisure. The environments provide the feeling of living in a true private paradise. In 2016, the Terrace Residence building was delivered with a new concept that emphasizes the high standard of finishing in refined and sophisticated apartments.


Always respecting the commitment to its customers, Construtora Pasqualotto is proud to maintain the quality standard, the company's trademark, and the stipulated deadline for its works. Today it is synonymous with success, efficiency and agility, mainly due to the high degree of satisfaction of our customers, who find quality, comfort and well-being in our projects.


Believing in the potential that the Santa Catarina coast has as a tourist destination and also an investment, Construtora Pasqualotto invests in developments that aim to offer all the necessary infrastructure so that its residents have at their disposal all possible comfort.

Mission, vision and values

Gerar resultados dentro da ética e legalidade, para atender as expectativas dos clientes, colaboradores, fornecedores e sociedade.


Melhoria contínua nos processos de construção, na qualidade de nossos empreendimentos e no relacionamento social.


Credibilidade, comprometimento, integridade, respeito ao meio ambiente e valorização pessoal.

Know the Region

The state of Santa Catarina is located in the southern region of Brazil and its population exceeds 7 million inhabitants. The social indexes are among the best in the country, with a diversified and industrialized economy is the sixth richest state of the Federation, where it responds. 4% of the country's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) One of the strengths of this economy is in the area of tourism. Thus, this scenario characterizes Santa Catarina as one of the best places to do business, visit and live.

Besides being economically strong and outstanding in quality of life, Santa Catarina is big and surprising in its cultural, artistic, sports, climatic and geographical diversity. This pluralism also extends to gastronomy and increasingly sophisticated architectural styles.

The municipality is located a few kilometers away from the famous Balneario Camboriu. Itapema is one of the popular destinations of Santa Catarina summer. Its beaches boast beauty, Central Beach and Meia Praia are the most famous and visited by tourists, especially in high season. In addition to beautiful beaches, the city offers many bars and restaurants. Another strong point in the region is the services offered, including boat rides, and you can admire the wonders of Itapema from the sea and also from the heights, due to the ultralights that fly over the region. Not only is the small town on the holiday tour, many families are flocking to the city for quality of life. For those who want to invest, Itapema has one of the most valued real estate markets in the state of Santa Catarina, and currently leads the ranking in the coast, according to the Housing Syndicate (Secovi). Itapema is always seeking to improve the welfare of its residents and visitors. Who knows falls in love with its natural beauty and the chances of defining it as future destinations are huge! Learn more Itapema
Important informations
Area code 47 Average annual temperature: 25
DDI code 55 Area: 44 Km2
Total area 59,361 Km2 Demographic density 771 hab/Km2
Population About 46 thousand Altitude two meters above sea level
voltage: 220V Vegetation Atlantic forest and undergrowth
voters 31 Thousand Colonization Azorean
Climate: Seasoned (4 Seasons Set) fondation April 21, 1962
Cities of Santa Catarina Capitals
Balneário Camboriú: 13 KM Belo Horizonte (MG): 1226 km
Blumenau: 70 km Brasília (DF): 1647 km
Bombinhas: 17 km Curitiba (PR): 230 km
Brusque: 52 km Porto Alegre (RS): 570 km
Chapecó 495 km Rio de Janeiro (RJ): 1125 km
Florianópolis: 64 km São Paulo (SP): 639 km
Itajaí 24 km Assunção (Paraguai): 1197 km
Joinville: 106 km Buenos Aires (Argentina): 1792 km
Lages: 247 km Montevideo (Uruguay): 1319 km
Navegantes (Airport): 43 Km Santiago (Chile): 2835 km
Porto Bello: 11 km    
Balneário Camboriú
It is the main Brazilian destination when it comes to lifestyle, modern and innovative tourist attractions, active commerce, paradise beaches. A place chosen by many people to live, due to the quality that life near the sea provides.

Just over 100,000 inhabitants live in the resort, with excellent tourist structure. There is no shortage of restaurants, bars, hotels and shops for daily fun. By the way, a differentiator of the city is that it does not only have beaches to entertain visitors. Interpraias, for example, where you can reach by boat, car and cable car, is a great option to spend the day.

Outdoor walks, sometimes in front of the skyscrapers, sometimes near the green areas, are routine walks in the city. While being valued for its natural beauty, Balneario boasts a luxurious atmosphere, nationally renowned developments such as the Yachthouse, Latin America's tallest residential building, beautiful people, where seeing and being seen is part of everyday life.

The illumination of the projects lit at night, generate a feeling that Balneário Camboriú is definitely a beautiful place to live well and happy. Learn more Balneário Camboriú
Important informations
Area code 47 Average annual temperature: 25
DDI code 55 Area: 50 Km2
Total area 46,489 Km2 Demographic density 1400 hab/Km2
Population About one hundred thousand Altitude two meters above sea level
voltage: 220V Vegetation Atlantic forest and undergrowth
voters 55 Mil Colonization Azorean
Climate: Seasoned (4 Seasons Set) fondation July 20, 1964
Neighboring beaches
Praia Brava, located between Itajaí and Balneário Camboriú, stands on the Santa Catarina coast as a preserved natural retreat, surrounded by lush Atlantic Forest and perfect waters for a refreshing swim. Clean beach, with green mountains in the background, makes a striking look. From its quiet streets and unquestionable charm to its natural nooks, Brava is the scene of fine dining restaurants and sophisticated beach clubs, offering a complete infrastructure

Bombinhas, "hidden" between the capital Florianópolis and the city of Balneário Camboriú, draws attention to the preserved nature. With beaches and vegetation of the Atlantic Forest almost everywhere, the city has strict environmental rules that prevent degradation and ensure clean landscapes, even in the season, when it receives about ten times its fixed population, which is around 9 thousand inhabitants. . To ensure cleanliness and upkeep, an Environmental Preservation Fee is charged to motorists arriving between November and April.

Canto Grande Beach, Mariscal and Zimbros are also very popular with families for sports and leisure.
High on the list of cities most visited by foreigners, Florianópolis enchants for its variety of beaches and the ability to please all types of public. Not for less! Known as Magic Island, it is often said that the capital has 42 beaches, but some say that number is even higher. Like to catch a wave? You can go there without hesitation! Don't like rough seas and prefer calm waters? You can go too. The city really has all kinds of beaches: deserted, super busy, with dunes, very green, and so on.